Top Oversize Jewelry by Oltremare Gioielli to Elevate Your Look

Top Oversize Jewelry by Oltremare Gioielli to Elevate Your Look

Gone are the days when subtle and minimalist jewelry was prioritized over large jewelry pieces. With the rise in the idea of individualism and self-expression, people are increasingly embracing oversize jewelry

Going to a party but want to make a basic shirt and jeans work? You can opt for bold and chunky jewelry options. Even a pair of extra large earrings can do the work of making you look awe-inspiring. 

So, get ready to explore a variety of such amazing oversize jewelry pieces only at Oltremare Gioielli!

Large Gold Hoop Earrings For That ‘EXTRA’ Look

Our Large Hoop Earrings from the FIDA collection showcase the beauty of ancient art and are inspired by Greek and Roman mythology. This piece is designed and crafted in Italy, keeping Baroque style in mind. Thus this oversize jewelry’s refined beauty gives you the option of wearing them with different outfits, without having to compromise on style. 


  • Available in 14k gold or 18k gold
  • Size of the earrings: 51mm x 51mm x 9 mm
  • Each earrings weight about 9 grams
  • Comes with a snap lever closure for better security 

Gorgeous Purple Pearl Ring

Adorn your finger with this mesmerizing Natural Oceania South Sea Purple Pearl Ring that lets you experience the beauty of handcrafted jewelry crafted all the way in Italy. The elegant design of this chunky jewelry highlights the pearl's beauty, making it the focal point of attention. In addition, it is meticulously crafted, keeping in mind the beauty a large-sized ring can add to the overall outfit. 


  • This oversize jewelry uses 12.50Ct Natural Oceania South Sea Purple Pearl of size 12.2mm 
  • Available in options of 14k and 18k gold
  • Colors available: yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold

Large Open Hoop Earrings

Get your hands on these Large Open Hoop Earrings, in the shape of a ribbon and come with striped textures. The edges come with a polished finish which prevents any scratches to the skin. Moreover, when you want to achieve a stunning look by wearing a basic dress, opt for this extra large jewelry


  • Options to choose 14k gold or 18k gold
  • Oversize jewelry available in 3 colors: yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold
  • Size: 30mm in diameter and 18mm large

Statement Gold Cuff Bracelet

Crafted in Italy, this Gold Cuff Bracelet gives a modern and elegant look to your hand and elevates your overall ensemble. It comes with a ribbed texture and is polished for a refined look. You can pair this oversize jewelry with a simple dress to elevate it to create a chic look. 


  • Available in 14k gold and 18k gold
  • Colors available: rose, yellow, and white
  • 14k medium size bracelet weighs 32 grams

Elegant Modern Gold Earrings

Upgrade your style with this Modern Bold Jewelry that belongs to our Polvere collection. It combines the idea of modern and fluid surfaces while the powdery texture at the bottom of the earrings gives it a unique appearance.


  • Option of choosing from 14k gold or 18k gold
  • Length: 53mm; Width: 13mm
  • Shape of this oversize jewelry: Asymmetrical

Bold Statement Italian Ring

Having been crafted in Italy, this Statement Jewelry is a masterpiece because of its large ribbed surface and polished edges. They make a bold piece of jewelry that makes you look gorgeous and elegant at the same time.


  • Available in 14k and 18k gold
  • Options of rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold
  • Oversize jewelry size: 35mm long

How Can Large Jewelry Elevate Your Look?

Large and bold jewelry pieces can take your look to a whole other level by adding flair and personality. Curious to find out how? Check below! 

Upgrades Your Outfit: Large jewelry makes a fashion statement by drawing the viewer's attention and becoming the main attraction. Whether it's an eye-catching bracelet, a chunky necklace, or large earrings, it gives your outfit personality and visual appeal.

Adds Drama and Glamour: Oversize jewelry pieces can easily bring drama and glamour to even the most basic ensembles. They have the ability to elevate an ordinary outfit into a chic and elegant one.

Creates Balance: Statement jewelry pieces can help you achieve harmony in your ensemble by giving your whole look more volume and weight. 

In a Nutshell

The options for oversize jewelry don't end here. At Oltremare Gioielli we combine traditional techniques with contemporary creativity to bring you an array of options to choose from. We take pride in our limited production approach, which not only guarantees uniqueness but also minimizes our environmental footprint.
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