Gender Neutral Jewelry by Oltremare Gioielli

Gender Neutral Jewelry by Oltremare Gioielli

“Jewelry isn’t for men. It’s a girl’s thing!”

A very common notion that people had until a few years ago is that jewelry is only meant to be worn by women. However, if we look at our history we will find that for instance, the tradition of wearing pinky rings and bracelets dates back to the Renaissance. At that time, it symbolized wealth and status while today it stands for heritage and pride.

Not to miss out, even celebrities, athletes, and artists have been actively setting trends with statement pieces, big gemstones, and traditional jewelry because the concepts of gender and sexuality are ever-evolving.

And now it's time for you to express yourself openly with gender neutral jewelry pieces!

Characteristics Of Gender Neutral Jewelry

 As discussed already, unisex jewelry is inclusive and suits everyone irrespective of their identities. Let’s explore some key features below:

Use of Unadorned Metals

Gender neutral jewelry made using unadorned metals like platinum, silver, or gold provides a neutral base, appreciated by individuals of all genders.

Versatile Accessories

These jewelry items are flexible enough to go from casual wear to formal occasions, showcasing the wearer's preferences and sense of style.

Minimalist & Simple Designs

Simple designs and clean lines are characteristics of gender neutral jewelry, such as this ribbed gold wedding band, which emphasizes simplicity over excess. The main goal of these pieces is that they can be worn for many years by everyone.

Encourages Self-Expression

The striking feature of unisex jewelry is that it encourages authenticity and self-discovery, letting individuals experiment without having to follow societal norms.

Symbolism & Meaning

Unisex Jewelry represents a variety of ideas, including empowerment, love, unity, and strength. The main symbolic meaning of this kind of jewelry is inclusivity and breaking stereotypes.

Gender Neutral Jewelry Options by Oltremare Gioielli

It's time to break all gender norms and embrace gender neutral jewelry wholeheartedly. To do so Oltremare Gioielli offers you a collection of exquisite and distinctive unisex Italian jewelry pieces, perfect for every occasion.

Twisted Ribbon Cross Pendant Necklace

Just like faith knows no boundaries, this Twisted Ribbon Cross Pendant Necklace is open for all genders to wear. This modern gold jewelry with an infinite twisted ribbon and a surface, reminiscent of fine sands, adds an organic touch to the piece. It exudes a meaningful symbol of faith that captures the essence of Italian craftsmanship and contemporary style.

Unisex Janus Gold Ring

 Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between presenting the Unisex Janus Gold Ring, an ancient style jewelry crafted using Italian gold, either 14k or 18k. It honors the symbolism and artwork of classical Rome while displaying the true meaning of timeless grace. With this unique jewelry, you get to embrace Italy's rich heritage and superb craftsmanship. Furthermore, it comes in the colors of rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold to choose from.

Baroque Style Wedding Band

 Express yourself freely with this beautiful Baroque Style Wedding Band that stands as a symbol of love and luxury. It features Acanthus Leaf Ornamentation, made using 14K or 18K Italian gold. These Italian wedding bands are perfect for everyday use as their sophisticated look matches all styles of clothing preferences. The uncommon design of the wedding band is another attraction to look out for.

Janus Unisex Pendant Necklace

 Are you looking for an Italian jewelry that is both gender neutral and symbolizes new beginnings? Grab hold of this beautifully made Janus Unisex Pendant Necklace. It has a beautiful replica of an old Roman coin with the god Janus on it. This pendant, which was meticulously made by hand in Italy, is evidence of the long history of Roman workmanship. 

Antique Coin Reproductions Cuff Bracelet

 There is no limitation to unisex jewelry as we introduce this Antique Coin Reproductions Cuff Bracelet, which is a stunning blend of history, elegance, and luxury. The bracelet has fifteen authentic diamonds set in replicas of ancient Greek and Roman coins. It is a contemporary work of art that embodies Italian craftsmanship and ancient civilizations, serving as a sign of legacy. 

Wrapping Up

So, the next time someone says jewelry isn’t for men, introduce the gender neutral jewelry options at Oltremare Gioielli. These jewelry pieces give individuals the freedom to express themselves, break free from societal norms, and celebrate who they are. 

Besides these, you also get other collections to choose from like Vento, Conio, and Flora. We believe that quality is the most essential factor to keep in mind when designing these Italian jewelry pieces. Moreover, you will also get assistance with the customization of ornaments according to your preferences.

So, wait no more. Come along and celebrate yourself with us!

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